Importance of Vitamins in skincare and their presence in the Matis Paris formulations

By May 20, 2020 January 11th, 2021 Beauty

Taking vitamins is part of the daily ritual for most of the people who are invested in their wellness. In spite of all their health benefits, these supplements can only deliver a small amount of vitamins to the skin. This is where the importance of vitamins in skincare formulations lies.

A powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins in skincare and truly effective in neutralising the free radicals on the skin. These damaging free radicals are caused by environmental pollution and cause inflammation on the skin. Free radicals are also responsible for breaking the skin’s collagen, and consequently causing wrinkles and sagging.
Vitamin C’s powerful antioxidant action protects the skin from irritation but also has anti-ageing action. By activating collagen synthesis, it fights the signs of ageing, revives the micro-circulation of blood and stimulates cellular renewal minimising age spots and improving skin texture
It also reduces the appearance of pigmentation caused by sun damage helping the skin retain its youthfulness. It reduces red blotches left after spots by improving the skin’s natural healing process. This way, it’s brightening the complexion giving the skin a glowing, youthful look. Finally, it increases the effectiveness of sunscreen and gives the skin better protection from UV rays.
The Matis C7 Booster is a seven-day treatment with a high concentration (79%) of Vitamin C. It comes with 7 spheres of the purest form of Vitamin C and an activating serum which when blended together, rehydrate allowing them to penetrate deeper into the skin. The Matis formula ensures that all the qualities of Vitamin C are naturally preserved when combining the formulations and applying to the skin.

Matis Paris C7 Booster

MatiSkin, the Matis signature drinkable beauty treatment which works in synergy with the body’s natural biological rhythm to boost the efficiency of skincare to reveal a healthy, radiant skin also includes Vitamin C.

Matis MatiSkin Treatment

Vitamin E is also among the powerful vitamins in skincare as it is an antioxidant that protects cell membranes from free radicals’ destructive actions. It slows down skin ageing whilst also strengthening skin barrier function and therefore protecting the skin’s hydration reserves. It hydrates, prevents water loss and has anti-inflammatory action.
Vitamin E can be found in many products across the Matis Paris range including Olea-Science, an Oil Serum from Reponse Densite which restores skin firmness as well as in Damask Rose, an active ingredient found in The Cream, the luxurious moisturiser from the Matis Caviar line.

Matis Paris Caviar The Cream

Vitamin A is recognised in dermatology for its repairing power on skin damage. In skincare, it stimulates collagen production and helps improve skin texture and elasticity. Additionally, it helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines as well as pigmentation spots. Boosting skin cell renewal, vitamin A improves mature skin conditions, in which cell renewal is slowed down.
A complex of vitamins that includes vitamin A, C and E is present in every product in Reponse Vitalite, the Matis line which was designed to use the power of vitamins to revitalise the skin and give it back its natural glow. This is a complete product range which includes the Vitalite Energising Cleansing Emulsion, a gentle milk cleanser and Vitalite Energising Lotion, a tonic spray which refreshes and stimulates the skin. It also includes the Vitalite Energising Serum and the Regenerating Serum which protect the skin from urban stress and help it regain its energy. The Vitalite Energising Cream, contains Peph-Active, an innovative plankton-based skin energiser that promotes cell renewal and improves the skin’s appearance whilst the Vitalite Regenerating Cream which rebuilds the skin whilst bringing comfort. Finally, Reponse Vitalite includes the Vitalite Energising Scrub, a gentle face exfoliator which removes dead cells as a result of a micro-pearls mechanical action and the Vitalite Energising Mask, a silky, pearlescent gel mask which is enriched with the MATIS Captozone complex which neutralises ozone molecules to preserve the vitality of the skin and revive the radiance of the complexion.

Vitamins in Skincare Matis Paris Reponse Vitalite

Vitamin K fortifies the body cells strengthening the walls of blood capillaries and it is frequently used in medicine to help reduce swelling and bruising. It helps the skin to heal from a variety of skin conditions. Propolis, the active ingredient found in the limited edition Matis Bee Cream is rich in Vitamin K and has smoothing, regenerating, purifying and antioxidant properties.

Vitamins in Skincare Matis Paris Bee Cream