Maskne and how skincare can help relieve it

By October 15, 2020 January 11th, 2021 Beauty

As face masks have now become part of our everyday life – and so they should- there is a rise in requirement for a skincare routine that treats and prevents “Maskne”.

What is Maskne?


Maskne is the development of redness, pimples and spots on the areas of the face covered by the mask (chin, mouth, cheeks) that usually have the appearance of shallow whiteheads rather than the painful red spots that are typical of the regular acne.

What causes it and how to prevent it

The constant friction of the mask on the skin creates little tears that allow dirt, bacteria, sweat, oil and makeup to insert the skin causing spot outbreaks, blemishes, inflamed hair follicles, irritation, and redness. The lack of air circulation encourages bacteria growth and can lead to blackheads, whiteheads or pimples that will vary in size depending on how infected they become. In order to avoid this from happening, it is crucial to cleanse our face thoroughly twice a day. The Matis Paris Perfect-Clean cleanser is ideal for the acne- prone skins. It is a light, refreshing face gel which is non-drying and suitable for every day use. At the heart of the formula, the MatiSystem technology, chosen for its sebum regulating action and combined with glycolic acid, eliminates impurities and dead cells are leaving the skin perfectly clean and fresh.

Matis Perfect-Clean

More sensitive and reactive skins on the other hand, require a very gentle cleansing product like the Matis Paris Sensi-Milk. This no rinse, ultra gentle make-up remover eliminates make-up whilst respecting the skin. Its creamy texture brings immediate comfort and well being to the sensitive skin leaving it cleansed, soothed and protected.

Matis Sensi-Milk

Trapped moisture– especially during the hotter months- caused by the combination of breath, sweat and sebum that gathers under the mask can often clog pores. Moreover, the masks stops dead cells from shedding as they would normally do. For that reason, it is beneficial to use a gentle exfoliation once or twice a week to remove the excess sebum and unclog the pores. Sensibiotic-Peel from the Matis Delicate range, is a granule-free scrub created for sensitive and reactive skins Its enzymatic action is combined with active ingredients with a soothing effect like Saffron flower, to eliminate dead cells and impurities and soothe the skin restoring its softness and luminosity.

Matis Sensibiotic-Peel

For even better results, exfoliation can be followed by the use of a yellow clay mask like the Matis Perfect-Mask. This mask helps to control sebum excess and purifies the skin without drying it. The pores are tightened and the skin is fresh whilst respecting the the fragile epidermis of blemish-prone skin is respected.

Matis Perfect-Mask

The feeling of discomfort caused by the friction of the mask on the skin can also be reduced by the use of a good moisturiser. Keeping the skin hydrated throughout the day is also really important as it improves the skin’s barrier function. The award-winning Matis Sensibiotic moisturiser works with the skin’s microbiome to rebalance the skin’s bioflora and preserves the skin barrier. When the microbial flora is balanced, the barrier function of the skin is intact. The skin is less attacked, regenerates better and ages slower. This harmonising treatment enriched in prebiotics, leaves the skin soothed, more resistant and enveloped in a protective cocoon.

Sensibiotic moisturiser