Matis Paris add Cell-Skin, an anti-ageing universal cream, to their signature Reponse Cell-Expert

MATIS Cell-Skin

Parisian luxury skincare brand Matis Paris, launches Cell-Skin, a new, universal cream formulated to help protect youth by stimulating collagen and inhabiting the degradation of Hyaluronic Acid. The lightweight yet soothing texture of the cream allows the products active ingredients to deliver their full benefits quickly and effectively into the skin.

Cell-Skin’s formula is based on rose stem cells combined with edelweiss flower extract which is known for its resistance to extreme weather conditions. Combined with two other powerful active ingredients, Cell-Skin boasts a winning combination full of anti-oxidant properties to protect from free radicals. The c formula helps reduce and smooth out wrinkles whist stimulating collagen to give the complexion an instant oxygen boost.

The white rose stem cells, which have been harvested directly from the heart of the plant, are delivered into the product in a 100% active state to protect the skins epidermal stem cells from the environment around it. White rose stem cells provide anti-ageing and oxygenating properties to help revive the respiration and metabolism of the skin while also helping to fight dullness by maintaining the phenotype of keratinocyte stem cells. By increasing the stem cell production for self-renewal, adhesion and protection, the keratinocyte stem cells work to their optimal function to continue the daily renewal of the skin.

Edelweiss flower naturally lives on high mountains on sunny slopes. They generally live on limestone and in rock crevices found between 1600m and 3400m altitude. The Edelweiss flower was previously used for its medicinal properties however is now used for its incredible antioxidant properties. With its life in the mountains, dealing with such harsh environmental aggressions, the flower has developed an effective internal protection system which is used in Cell-Skin. Using its Luteolin contents, the skins elasticity and tone is maintained by incapacitating the degradation of Hyaluronic Acid.

Cell-Skin is included in Reponse Cell-Expert, together with Cell-Expert serum, the MATIS signature beauty elixir.