Matis Celebrates Women in Business – Nicola Fisher, French Beauty Expert

By March 11, 2021 Company News
Nicola Fisher French Beauty Expert

Having celebrated International Women’s Day earlier this month, Matis Paris decided to dedicate this month talking to inspiring Women in Business to learn more about what makes them powerful and keeps them growing personally and professionally.

We start our journey with French Beauty Expert’s Managing Director, Nicola Fisher. Nicola has been in the beauty industry for over 22 years, having successfully run her own beauty salons as well as represented reputable skincare brands like Matis Paris.

Tell us a bit about your business:

I am the founder and Managing Director of French Beauty Expert, a brand management company that manages the promotion and distribution of the Matis Paris skincare range in the U.K. as well as the training of the Matis Paris therapists.

What do you think makes women excel in business?

Our will to succeed, our determination and ability to multi-task!

What do you consider your biggest success in business?

Building the best team, and working with the most amazing businesses of which most of the owners are women. Of course winning awards is always a boost too!

What are the biggest challenges you had to face in a male dominated world?

As the beauty industry is more female dominated I don’t feel like I have these challenges now.

Share with us your biggest lesson in business

Lead by example and don’t expect anyone to do something you wouldn’t. Respect goes a long way.

What women have inspired you in your life and career?

My Mum, Grandmother and Great Aunt, they are all strong independent women. They always inspired me to go for the top and told me I could achieve anything I wanted to do. Sadly I lost my Grandmother and Great Aunt before I started this business but I know they would be immensely proud, and would be there in the business supporting me, even if it was making cakes for the team!

What actions did you have to take to help your business survive the Covid 19 crisis?

I have worked every day since the pandemic started. The worst part was having to furlough staff, but they have been an amazing team and we all supported each other. We introduced drop shipment for salons, something we have never done before and we increased our online training. It has been a tough year but if we can get through this we can get through anything I believe!

What do you hope the world of business to be like for women in the future?

Bigger and better for us all!

How do you envision your business to grow going forwards?

Salon owners have now seen the power of retailing and social media so we will be there to work with them on this. Also more men and women are looking more at their own well being and state of mind, so we will be focusing on more relaxation on our face and body treatments. Starting with the pregnancy massage that we are launching in May which is very exciting.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

I always think of Emmeline Pankhurst and what she did for women!

Describe the 3 characteristics about yourself that you believe led to your success in business.

Integrity, empathy and determination.

How does your work positively impact women of your city and/or women of the world?

I work with women around the world as well as local, and employ local women and women at the other end of the country. 99% of the businesses my company partner with are owned by women who are all amazing.

What’s a daily or weekly ritual you have that contributes to your ongoing success?

Communication and staff meetings, but I do love Kundalini yoga which is good for mind, body and spirit.

What’s something interesting you’re currently working on? Personal or professional.

Personally I’m working on how soon I can get a flight for a holiday with some sunshine. Professionally, I am constantly looking at new ways to grow and increase business.