The Must Have Products for Your Salon

By February 28, 2022 Beauty

Clinisept+ is a brand that have two main products intended for aesthetic procedures, including chemical peels and laser hair removal. Let’s get to know a little more about these products…

Clinisept+ Prep and Procedure is a highly effective, medical grade cleanser with antimicrobial properties that cleanses the skin without causing any irritation or sensitivity. This product is suitable for both normal and sensitive skin. It is intended for use before, during and after aesthetics treatments. The product has a skin neutral pH, optimum skin compatibility and provides optimum conditions for the skin to flourish.

Clinisept+ Prep and Procedure is non toxic, non irritant and non cyto-toxic. It reduces swelling and irritation following any treatment. Contains no chlorhexidine , alcohol, petroleum or oils.

For use before treatments, the product should be decanted into a gallipot and then carefully wiped onto the skin, ensuring the skin is completely wetted. Throughout the procedure, it should be used to keep the skin clan and soothed, by soaking a gauze or pad in the product and wiping over the treated area(s). Once the procedure is complete, a wetted gauze can be left to soak on the treated area to calm and cool. Doing this throughout the procedure will ensure that all traces of dirt, grime, excess makeup and pollution will be removed from the surface of the skin, making sure there is nothing to irritate the skin further.

Clinisept+ is non-sensitizing to the respiratory system and does not irritate the eyes. Cleansing with Clinisept+ provides a far more pleasant experience for your clients rather than traditional skin cleansers, which can themselves can cause redness as well as dry the skin.


  • Water
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Sodium Hypochlorite
  • (Contains no alcohol or fragrance as is colourant free)

You will be pleased to know, Clinisept also offer a take home product for use of clients following an aesthetic treatment, Clinisept+ Aftercare. This product soothes and calms the skin whilst ensuring high levels of cleanliness are maintained after a treatment. Leaves no residue or chemical burden and provides the ideal environment for healthy and recovering skin.

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