The Leading French Organic Skincare Brand

By July 6, 2021 Beauty, Company News
Phyt's Organic Skincare

More and more people are now developing an interest in organic skincare. As they are concerned about the ingredients that are found in the products they are using, they start swapping the harsh ingredients for plant-based ones. The appeal of changing chemical-based ingredients to organic ingredients is evident. The vitamins featured in plant-based skincare products are vital to maintaining the health of our skin whilst also being gentle. These active ingredients work to restore and strengthen skin cells by combating free radicals, whilst also supporting cell repair and help decrease signs of ageing.

What if we told you there was a skincare company that is set on creating natural, organic skin and body care products to help not only your skin, but the environment around us? Well, there is, and it is called Phyt’s, a 100% French company that will be celebrating its 49th anniversary in 2021. The brand started in 1972, when Jean Paul Llopart, a Naturopath and Biologist and Rosanne Verle, a Beautician brought their dreams to reality. From the onset, Phyt’s was born to be a skin and body care range made entirely with natural ingredients and without the use of preservatives.

Natural Skincare

Phyt’s is a pioneer in organic skincare and uses the highest quality, sustainable, raw materials. The brand is certified COSMEBIO by QUALITE FRANCE. These quality standards guarantee natural cosmetics which only contain ingredients from organic and sustainable farms, with complete traceability of all the cosmetic raw materials and their manufacturing process. The COSMEBIO label is designed to protect both the consumers well-being and to promote environmental sustainability at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Phyt’s products are defined as Bio-Active skincare. Bio-Active signifies the absence of chemicals and pollutants used in the raw ingredients such as: pesticides, chemical fertilisers, GMO, parabens, which over time can accumulate in the body. The products do contain a significant amount of active ingredients, which generate unbelievable results you can feel and see.

The need to innovate packaging came from the necessity to protect the formulations from bacterial contaminants and the external environment. Phyt’s introduced single use packaging in the form of disposable glass ampoules. In the 1990’s, Phyt’s turned to multi layered polyfoil tubes, a perfect environmentally friendly alternative to plastic, a waterproof material that protects all creams from external contaminants.

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